EFT and Me

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I really like EFT. When it is done well it can have a massive affect in dissipating negative emotional states and equally it can be used to create positive emotional states.

EFT is easy to use and it is easy to use on yourself, it is even easy to use on me, but is it so easy to use on I?

What? Easy to use on I?

Let me explain.

I have recently attended a training with Andrew T. Austin and part of the exploration was the semantic / physiological Me, Self, I and You. If you have done any NLP Training you are probably familiar with the concept of I, Me, Self, You, Other etc…

Now here is an idea, that I have tried on my’self’ and ‘me’ and invite you to explore some of the same.

1. Discover where the ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘self’ are located in and around you. Find the physical place and volume occupied. Get a sense of the shapes involved.

2. Next time you have a negative emotional feeling. Notice specifically where you feel this and check if it corresponds to the location for you of your ‘Me’, ‘Self’ or ‘I’.

For most people emotions are generally not felt in  and around the head. The ‘I’ is very typically experienced around and in the head for many people.

Now the standard EFT chant is …

“even though ‘I’ feel ( insert negative emotion name here ) I am all right I am OK”

Now, explore this. Swap the standard ‘I’ for ‘Me’ or ‘I’ for ‘Self’ or ‘Myself’. This will most likely sound weird, unless you are a very young child.

“even though ‘me’ feel ( insert negative emotion name here ) me is/am all right me is/am OK”

Try this out and notice how swapping the ‘I’ for the ‘Me’ changes the experience of using EFT.

Happy tapping!

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