Elman Hypnosis DVD

The Elman Style Induction is the first formal hypnosis induction I teach on my Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma. The Elman Induction is one of the most effective directive and progressive inductions hypnotherapist will learn during any good clinical hypnosis training.

This Clinical Hypnosis Training DVD was recorded during Clinical Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis training in Newcastle upon Tyne. The DVD covers the Elman style induction, deepener and ‘Control Room’ hypnosis change process.

With three subjects and variants of the induction, this hypnosis training DVD is a particularly useful resource for hypnotherapists and all people wanting to learn a powerful hypnosis induction technique.

Great to see Elman Induction in action – its my favourite. Loved the diminishing numbers out of the cloud as deepener. I’ve used an illuminated sign with fading strength bulbs or bulbs that go out until eventually there are no more numbers – will give the cloud a go as well. Thanks once again – great value, very educative and much appreciated.

Peter Wright

This full DVD is available now for £25. Order this hypnosis training product now!

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