How To Use Hypnotic Language

One of the main components of using hypnotic language is using ‘connecting words’ to create and weave a hypnotic sentence.

This video is a simple demonstration of how to chain suggestions and hypnotic commands together into a coherent structure using connectives. Recorded at Clinical Hypnosis Training Newcastle upon Tyne.


2 Responses to How To Use Hypnotic Language

  1. Free Covert Hypnosis

    Hi Nigel,

    I think that the first step in hypnotic laguage is to gain rapport. If we have rapport with a person it means that their subconscious trusts and accepts we. Without it, we can’t hypnotize a person because their subconscious will reject it.

    And thanks for the video

  2. Let me offer you two additional perspectives.

    First, it is a common misconception that rapport is required to do any form of hypnosis. This is not true. Consider television, magazines and various political organisations;

    Second, rapport is not necessarily equal to trust. People can argue with real gusto and there may be no trust yet there is rapport.

    So how does that fit in with ‘covert hypnosis’?

    Thank you for your comment.