Hypnotherapist Weight Loss And The Cost

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Something that continues to amaze me in the field of professional hypnotherapy is transparency of fees.

During a recent FaceBook discussion I invited hypnotherapists to explain why some have different fees for different services. For example one hypnotherapist may charge £150 for a stop smoking session and the same hypnotherapist may charge £75 for phobia cures.

Working as a clinical hypnotherapist I don’t understand why there is a difference. One well known therapist, who was brave enough to leave a comment, stated that their students, having graduated in NLP ( I assume a seven day training ), some time lines therapy ( NLP Jargon that no one outside of NLP has heard of never mind understands ) and a bit of hypnosis should charge a MINIMUM £150 per hour. I wonder how many people ‘sold’ on such get rich quick schemes actually see any clients at all?

For me this comes down to a well earned experiential qualification and has nothing to do with some quickly attained qualification. It’s like learning to drive in 7 days, the individual can pass an exam and yet this does not necessarily make barely competent drivers or people any where near able to share their driving experience to teach or coach another person. It is the very bare minimum.

My question was ( and this specific individual refused to comment but did invite me to book a consultation to find out ) and is “Why do some therapists refuse to make their charges and fees transparent to the people”, The exact people who will want to book their services? Why not make charges completely transparent to the general public at large?

A dentist fees are transparent, and accountants fees are transparent and so are a personal trainers. So why do so many hypnotherapists choose to make their fees secret to the public and create an unnecessarily complicated process for potential clients to have to go through.

Hypnotherapists are not sales professionals so why act in this way?

Hypnotherapists in the Noth East and Newcastle, please, continue to give this credible alternative health profession a good name and advertise your fees to your potential clients.

In the interrest of transparency, me fee is £95 for a two hour session.

A quick internet search of hypnotherapists in the Noth East will reveal precious few advertise their fees. So this is an invitation for all therepists especially in the North East to comment to this post and share you fees with the general public.

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  1. Life Business Coach

    It is always good to be transparent at all times for the fees we charge to clients or attendees for our programs. This will give them the idea of what they are getting if they join. If they see any benefit on, it will sure be not a problem and they will likely you us for that and have the trus as well.