Back and Neck Pain

Neck and Back pain affects a large proportion of the population. Very often these aliments heal themselves in just a few days or even weeks. Sometimes they do not.

At the time of receiving an injury to the Neck or the Back the body does whatever it needs to do to minimise additional injury through movement. This means that the muscle may become extremely stiff or the connecting fascia tissue between the muscles may become taught. Both these phenomena are the body doing its best to minimise injury and doing so with the purpose to aid healing.

Pain is usually a signal from the body indicating there is some
‘imbalance’ within the body system that needs to be corrected. It can be a warning ‘to only move in a restricted way’ or a signal saying ‘take it easy’.

Hypnosis can be used to re-balance the body in a safe and effective way.

Sometimes the body ‘forgets’ to release this tension in the muscles and fascia, sometimes the very mechanism that protects and prevents further injury does not revert once its requirement is no longer necessary.

Hypnosis can be used successfully to help the body to recover from muscle and fascial trauma and so help Neck and Back injury’s to recover properly and safely using the healing information that is stored in the unconscious.

Whether you have hurt your back or neck playing sports, moving furniture, hunched over a computer or done it in your sleep Hypnotherapy can help you get better faster.

You can anticipate results in around 1-2 sessions.

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