Work related stress is extremely common.  Most of the time we deal or cope with it as best as we can.  It usually goes away.  This is usually true for the times when we experience stress in our personal lives as well, but, when stress persists, problems are close by.

When stress continues over any lengthy period of time the effects can be devastating.  Health, relationships and performance begin to suffer and a downward spiral can begin

Pressure to perform in business as well as personal life is very real and can often be causal in producing excellent results in these contexts.  When our ability to cope with the environmental pressure exceeds our own tolerance then stress is the result.

Bosses, Sales Targets, Relationships, Unrealistic expectations are just a few sources of pressure that can potentially develop into problematic stress.

I can help you to manage and deal with your stress.
The processes involved are simple and extremely effective.

In addition to helping you deal with stress properly and in a healthy way, I can show you how to recognise the first, often subtle indications of a stress response and nip it in the bud such that a little prevention is worth more a great deal of cure.

When you are stress free and able to work with the natural pressures life and work will provide, you are much more resourceful and better equipped to preform with excellence.

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