Lymphatic Immune System Detox : 2 Day Workshop : December 7-8

Lymphatic Immune System Detox

Two day hands on massively practical training with Andy Webb and Nigel Hetherington covering lymphatic immune system detox, muscular and spiritual body balance this December.

Lymphatic Immune System Detox Training Newcastle

Why you might want to consider learning how to do a complete lymphatic immune system detox it is really worth you’re learning for two reasons.

A wonderful weekend, packed with extremely valuable, learnable techniques. Great pace and plenty of fun and laughter. Instructors have loads of experience and are genuine gems. Highly recommend” – Janet Kamal

Learning this is valuable because doing what you can in a preventative way, before something really bad happens is a very smart move. Specifically because its easy to learn and you can share it with the people you are closest to and additionally because :

This can help with:

  • Preventing dementia
  • Increasing immune system effectiveness
  • Relieving migraines
  • Cancer support / prevention
  • Releasing bodily stress

I thoroughly enjoyed it! I loved the practical method of teaching, I felt the benefits straight away, Andy did an amazing job on my neck! My whole body felt relaxed and my energy was high x I fully recommend this and I can’t wait for the follow up workshop! Lots of laughter and learning! Totally would do it again!! ” – Yalda Azimi Monfared

Your lymphatic system as well as being an essential part of your immune system, drains about three liters of toxins and debris full of excess protean, bacteria and cancerous cells. The glymphatic ( brain lymph ) also flushes away excess protean, the stuff that is believed to be responsible for dementia.

People experiencing Lymphatic Immune System Detox report

  • clearer thinking
  • improved body alignment
  • Increased wellbeing post treatment.

You can learn how to do your best to keep your body and mind, through preventative treatment, younger, healthier and greater wellbeing.

Over two days learn through practice an entire lymphatic immune system detox process.

Amazing weekend! So glad I could make it. Wasn’t sure exactly what it would entail and loved every minute of it! Both Andy Webb and Nigel Hetherington were so knowledgeable and the pace was perfect. The group were all lovely and like minded with lots of laughs thrown in.“- Michelle Grogan

This hands on training is completely about transmission of both mechanical skill and the sincerity and belief to transmit something more than a physical treatment. Activating the psyco-somatic healing, balance and longevity which is our birthright.

The lymphatic drainage training was a true privilege to be part of, Andy is truly a genius in what he does, very intuitive in his ability to read the body. I feel honored to be able to learn from him. He is very natural in his ability to teach and was complimented perfectly with Nigel. The processes were explained in a way that was very easy to follow and to pick up by building step by step enabling us to feel confident to carry out the procedure self treatments and the treatment of others.

This is such a valuable treatment and I know it will make a big difference to not only my life, but also those of others who I can help in the future” – Jude Wilson

Andy works with up to 70 people a week including post cancer patients, muscular injury and has decades of experience distilled into one weekend of what is especially good for your health and the important people in your life.

Ten places available

£100 per person

Jesmond Newcastle upon Tyne

7-8 December 2019

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