More Than The Milton Model

Milton Erickson described the NLP codification of his patterns as ” a delightful simplification of the infinite complexities of the language I use with patients.” Patterns of the hypnotic techniques of Milton Erickson, Volume 1, is an excellent description of linguistic patterns that Erickson used. Erickson did a great deal more with his patients than just talk hypnosis to them.

A strong theme that runs in Erickson’s interventions is the client tasking elements to change. More importantly I believe to self directed change. He would arrange for an experience or series of experiences that would usually bring his patient into contact with other people in certain situations. Erickson could also be very directive as the intervention demanded.

Think how different this is to much of the standard NLP change processes. After all NLP is pretty introverted right? Check your internal dialogue out or better yet have a conversation with someone.

Here is a short video clip from Nigel Hetherington recorded August 2011 during module one of Clinical Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle upon Tyne.


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