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FREE Audio CD – Presenter Interviews

Get your FREE copy of my interviews “Insights and Perspectives of the Change Professionals” – with top North East change professionals and facilitators Harry Knox and Sharon Cox.

Harry Knox has had over 30 years working in psychiatry in the NHS. Harry now splits his time between supervision, one to one therapy and training facilitation. Harry has a unique, humorous and engaging style to change work and is the creator of ‘Brief Grief Therapy’.

Sharon Cox is the North East’s eating disorder specialist. With over 10 years experience in a multitude of clinical practices ranging from addictions to bereavement. Sharon brings a wealth of experience and real clinical practice in what really works to assist clients make lasting changes.

This FREE CD is packed full of both personal life journeys and some of the methods and practices that Harry and Sharon both use to great effect. These interviews highlight how they:

  • Came to be where they are.
  • Connect with clients.
  • Create the space that makes change possible.
  • Treat clients as individuals.
  • Play to their strengths.

To get your FREE CD of interviews with change professionals Harry and Sharon posted out to your straight away just complete the details below, all I ask in return is you contribute just £1.95 towards my postage and packing cost.

If you are outside the UK you will receive a link to download the mp3’s.




As an extra thank you when you register as an participant for the NCCCT Conference you will receive the complete series of “Insights and Perspectives of the Change Professionals” ( Worth £49 ) as a link to download ALL the mp3 interviews [ MY FREE GIFT TO YOU ] with the rest of our presenters from NCCCTC including Andy Hunt, Rob McGinley, John Wheeler and Paula McCormack.

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