Newcastle and North East NLP Practice Group

If you would like to practice NLP by doing NLP then you might like to come to the NLP Cafe and meet like minded explorers like you who want to increase your knowledge and skills – And all this takes place in a warm, secure and purpose built training centre.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that trigger unresourceful states in us. A letter from the bank, being called into the bosses office, having to do the paper work, etc, etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that not so useful state automatically triggered a more resourceful state in that situation? Not surprisingly NLP has a number of state based processes to help that happen.

In the next NLP Cafe on Tuesday July 15th we will use a simple technique called the Anchor Dance for automatically taking you from an unresourceful to a resourceful state quickly and easily.

Join Andy Hunt and Nigel Hetherington at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre between 7pm and 9pm on July 16th to find out how to do the Anchor Dance (courtesy of Vikas Dikshit an inventive NLPer from Pune, India).

The evening costs just £10 for which you will receive a Cafe Credit which will give you a £10 discount on any course run by Andy Hunt or Nigel Hetherington.

PS: This is a great way of finding out what we are like as trainers and the kind of thing you might expect to get from one of our IntegrityNLP Practitioner trainings.

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