NLP Anchoring DVD

NLP Anchoring – Recorded LIVE at NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle.

This is a very short exert from ‘NLP LIVE – Anchoring Demonstration‘ : A one hour instructional DVD of the NLP Anchoring Process. Enjoy the Laughter, Share the Resource States, Watch this now, Experience the Energy and Laugh Out Loud!!



NLP LIVE – Anchoring Demonstration : A one hour instructional DVD of the Anchoring Process.

Full DVD includes the 123 of Anchoring.

  1. Preframing and Set Up.
  2. Anchoring Demonstration.
  3. Testing and Questions.

Recorded Live at NLP Practitioner Training.

This DVD is around one hour in length and captures the essence and techniques of NLP Anchoring. This includes eliciting states, making use and utilising ‘natural’ states, physical and aural anchors, stories and theory and a complete demonstration of the entire NLP Anchoring Process.

NLP LIVE – Anchoring Demonstration
Buy yourself a copy now for only £12.30
DVD is PAL Format

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