NLP Cause And Effect – An Outdated Model

The idea, concept or model of Cause And Effect is very familiar to physicists and NLP’s. The model proposes that one action ( a force ) is caused by another action ( another force ). Or equally, one thing necessarily causes another.

The Cause Effect model works extremely well for static forces as well as dynamic forces but not so well for living beings and human interactions. Human beings are way more complex, interesting diverse than to be reduced to a cause effect model. A much more useful model to consider is one of Intention – Consequence.

John Grinder,  Wayne Dyer amongst many others use and make use of the Intention – Consequence model for amazing results. Now me, Nigel Hetherington, I don’t always have the consequences of may actions in mind when I act, I still get stuff wrong and make amazing blunders that are of course disguised learnings! Something I am working with and through!

Here is a little video clip exploring Meta Programs and Cause Effect.

One Response to NLP Cause And Effect – An Outdated Model

  1. Hey Nigel!

    Once again, great distinction from Cause-Effect to Intention-Consequence.

    It’s a small distinction, but that makes a big difference.

    Yet, one thing I’ve found is that Cause-Effect heuristics are definitely present in my clients’ models of the world. To them, it’s a straight cause-effect relationship.

    So perhaps it’s useful to keep both in mind…

    Just my two cents worth,