NLP Master Practitioner – Newcastle – January 2010

NLP Master PractitionerPractising Mastery – Mastering Practice

This is a full 126 hour direct contact well supervised Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner course that will expand broaden and increase your NLP skills by deepening your understanding of the purpose behind each step of an NLP process taking your skills to the next level up.

When you first decided to take an NLP Practitioner course, what was it that sparked your interest and curiosity?

  • How was it you decided to to embark on a potentially life changing journey called NLP?
  • What motivated you to develop new skills and expand your capabilities?

And, now having had the NLP Practitioner experience how has this changed and benefited you?

Having completed your NLP Practitioner, you will certainly have discovered new and powerful ways to communicate and connect. No doubt you have learned to apply life changing and enabling processes to yourself and with others too. It is likely new behaviours and possibilities are more abundant in your life and perhaps you are now considering how to further your NLP skills and abilities? An NLP Master Practitioner is an excellent way to continue your NLP development and personal evolution.

Opening up new and different possibilities, this NLP Master Practitioner training is for those who are seriously considering how to continue the journey of personal development and growth.  This NLP Master Practitioner can also fulfil the desire to utilise your rapport and communication skills to make your career go in the right direction. Maybe you are increasing your skills and effectiveness to become a better therapist. It may even be you are considering the possibilities of becoming an NLP Trainer. All of these avenues and more are open to you with an NLP Master Practitioner training.

This NLP Master Practitioner training is for you if … you want to continue and increase your learning of powerful, effective and ethical ways to influence both yourself and others. If you want to learn how to learn. If you want to continue your NLP evolution.

Number of alternative tools introduced with plenty of opportunity for flexibility. Emphasis on learning with fun
as an integral part of the process and explanation of theory behind the process, practical techniques rather that role learning

Richard – Policeman


Course begins 22-24 January 2010.

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