NLP Practitioner Training – Newcastle upon Tyne – September 2009

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This is an advert.  We run NLP trainings.

We want you to join our NLP Practitioner Training because we want you to live an even better and more satisfying life.

We invite you to spend some of your money on our NLP training in order to change your life in seriously positive ways.

NLP is one of many paths that lead to living a truly authentic life. To live in ways that are honestly meaningful and satisfying. The end result of this NLP Practitioner training is to feel comfortable in your own skin and act with real and powerful personal congruence in your life.

This training will deliver and facilitate your learning

  • Powerful and effective communication skills.
  • Ways to run you own brain.
  • Heal any personal traumas in your life.
  • Deeper ways of understanding and relating to people.
  • A variety of ways to apply coaching and therapeutic skills to yourself and others.
  • Strategic thinking, planning and most importantly doing.
  • Attaining much more of what you want by more fully realising your potential.

Additionally, the nature of any good NLP training means there will be a certain amount of personal change work, therapy and coaching in addition to your learning the NLP tools, techniques and mind sets as you progress to becoming a certified NLP Practitioner.

We also invite all participants to do a complementary, personally coached NLP project during your training with us.

But this is really not what this training is about

What this training is really about is … making wonderful, meaningful and deep friendships with your fellow explorers, feeling comfortable in your own skin and leading through personal congruence, a more truly authentic life.

For full details and enrolment opportunities in our next NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East of England, beginning this September click here.

You can also get Business Link funding to pay for part of this course. Contact us for details.

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