NLP Training Course : 9 Days – April 2013 : £595

NLP Practitioner Course in Newcastle upon Tyne. A nine day NLP Training course this coming April taking place in Jesmond Dene conference centre.

9 Days NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle April 2013 for £595
April 3-5, 9-12, 27-28 – Book Immediately

Every reader has and is, right at this moment, in process of personal transformation and development. As we grow up then evolve as people we develop our own personality and outlook or perspectives on a great many subjects, topics and ideas. These are our morals or what we think is right and wrong; our personal truths, our appreciation of beauty, the arts and self, which is known as identity; and our sense of the world outside, science and the physics of the known universe, the objects.

My learning from the course has provided an invaluable opportunity for personal & professional development which has supported me through some major changes in my life.” – Jeanine Main, HR Consultant

Experienced based training means you will engage in practical exercises so you learn about NLP by doing NLP. By doing NLP you are learning how to apply NLP tools and techniques.

Even knowing what we know, many people are looking for something more. Something more is the broadest of terms. We could be seeking to know why we think the way we think, we could be curious about our psyche and our beliefs or be asking how come we behave in a certain way; this is to name but a few of the broadest more abstract terms.

On more concrete terms you are highly likely to find massive value in improving of verbal and non-verbal communication skills, getting on better with yourself and others, being more in control of your moods and emotions and perhaps most beneficial being more able to change problem behaviours and enhance your better ones.

Get ready for a journey. This course is life changing. You learn so much. Before I joined this course I had worked in learning & development for 6 years and thought I had a full toolkit. How my mind has been opened & my toolkit increased.” – Neil Black, Learning & Development Manager

Discover more about NLP Training Course for NLP Practitioner certification in Newcastle this coming April in 2013

North East and Newcastle NLP Practitioner Training. Nine days spread out through April 2013 so you can integrate and practice your new and developing attitudes and skills. Newcastle NLP Practitioner training in three blocks during April school holidays. Call Nigel on 0770 481 8467 and see how NLP Training can benefit you.


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