NLP Master Practitioner

Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner in NLP offers unbeatable price and exceptional training for NLP Practitioners who are ready to take knowledge, experience and application to a higher level.

One of the core principles of NLP is modelling. Modelling is precisely how the technology, the art and science of NLP actually happened. The processes and techniques offered on NLP Practitioner training are the results or consequences of modelling.

NLP Master Practitioner Newcastle

In addition to learning how to model in two complementary ways you will be deepening and extending your skills in NLP. This really does mean practising mastery and mastering practice. This is the Communicating Excellence Master Practitioner NLP Training in Newcastle.

In our culture we can all be forgiven for towing the status quo of mediocrity. Our society used to be one of work for money, work hard, have children and buy as many creature comforts as we could.

Most likely more than often the associated happiness wears out and there is a renewed requirement to work harder to buy more. Before we die. This way of living is going the way of the Dodo.

The more addictions addictions and distractions we used to be able to amass would lead to the need for more of the same. Perhaps to comfort us from and away from the inevitable death that comes to all.

NLP is certainly not the miracle path to some kind of spiritual liberation yet aspects of NLP do for many provide the foundations of personal liberation from fear, anxiety and addictions.

This equates to some kind of real freedom and when applied well, a freedom in the now. A way to enjoy life more fully in the present.

The NLP Master Practitioner is delivered over six month with one module per month Friday-Sunday. The modular components are as follows.

NLP Modelling

This is the unconscious uptake methodology originally used and developed by Dr John Grinder and Dr Richard Bandler to assimilate the Meta and Milton models that are the foundations of NLP Practitioner Training.

This involves using New Code NLP applications to access ‘know nothing’ states, akin to beginners mind, that is the basic state for unconscious uptake modelling.

Through a series of drill and exercises participants learn how to model at very deep levels with a prior commitment to understand nothing and simply copy. As my friend and mentor simply states, this is monkey see – monkey do.

NLP Analytical Modelling

Using the work of David Gordon students are walked through the experiential array method of collecting and modelling the structure of experience.

This is an excellent complement to NLP Modelling. In this instance we use questions and calibration to elicit the hows, whys, what ifs and motivations in a kind of listing program that delivers a step wise method of the doing of a real skill.

NLP Advanced Linguistics

This module, through a structural set of experiences, demonstrations and exercises will sharpen your Meta Modelling skills set. You will be unlikely to hear, use and process language in the same ways again following this module.

Here we explore Framing and directing of experience, Sleight of Mouth, Metaphor as objects, substances and containers and the ‘Clean Therapy’ – content imposition model. We make the distinctions between content vs context imposition and the necessary paradox of double binds.

Advanced NLP Submodalities

Drawing on the work of Steve Andreas, we use the internal subjective structure of experience to elicit and define individual evidence based sub modalities or stored and encoded experience to to create and utilise templates of ‘how’ a person congruently knows anything.

These elicited templates are then uses to transform, change and create new, desired characteristics, behaviours and traits to support outcomes, goals and personal projects.

NLP Meta Programs

An in-depth and practical exploration and utilisation of the deep behavioural and cognitive ways people think and act from. Usually unconscious and based in the work of Carl Jung we learn how to recognise our own and others presenting meta programs.

Your Training Commitment

  • To support your group
  • To be open to experience
  • To fully participate in all exercises
  • To make mistakes
  • To have fun in learning

And of course

  • Arrive in good time
  • Ask lots of questions
  • And to have fun in learning ( again )

The Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner Training in Newcastle runs once per year and has a maximum of 18 places.

NLP Master Practitioner Training Dates

September 20-22, October 18-20, November 15-17, December 6-8, January 17-19, February 14-16

Read more about Communicating Excellence NLP Master Practitioner Training here.

Booking Your Place

Your deposit is £150 and is non-refundable.
Miss the course and the deposit is transferred to the next training.

There are currently 13 places available. Training costs £ 695 if booked before August 2013 and £795 if booked afterwards.




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