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The Good Feeling of Practice Well Done

There’s an old joke.

A man in Time Square in New York wants to get to the concert and sees a man carrying a violin case.

He asks: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”.

“Practice, practice, practice” is the reply.

Like many good jokes it makes a serious point. Some skills need practice. One form of practice is mental rehearsal, which has been used by sports people in particular to improve their performance by playing out a game or a race in advance to prepare themselves for event when it actually happens.

NLP has an optimised strategy for mental rehearsal for developing and practising new skills; called ‘The New Behaviour Generator’.

In it’s original form it can be a little dry and mechanistic. What if we could juice it up with some of the feelings that would make it more likely that we would get the result we want with style and resourcefulness?

The Good Feeling of Practice Well Done is a process developed by Andy Hunt based on the New Behaviour Generator and incorporating states and values into the process to give it that extra juice.

NLP Practice Group with Nigel Hetherington and Andy Hunt

NLP Cafe on Wednesday 21st October

St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre at 7-9 pm
Just £9.00 booking in advance online or £10 on the night.

Some experience of NLP is not essential but would be very helpful.

The NLP Café is complementary for all participants on
our current NLP Practitioner Training Courses.

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