Presentation Skills Training Course

Presentation skills – some people just seem have them… don’t they?

Maybe you can recall a time when you witnessed a perfectly seamless, completely engaging and ‘fully in control’ public speaker deliver their message to an enthusiastic and interested audience.

At the same time, how much did you wonder at what it is specifically about what they do that means an audience is right there in the palm of their hand? Surely it’s a question of talent… isn’t it? You’ve either got it, or you haven’t…?

The most highly skilled public speakers know that it’s not just about confidence and getting all the right messages in the right order. This practical training will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become an exceptional public speaker.

Use of language, effective use of the space, stage presence, controlling your emotional state and techniques which further engage you with your audience are just a selection of the skills you can expect to develop during this course.

Course facilitators Nigel Hetherington and Ruth Hindmarsh (Creative Momentum) with their combined experience and expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, theatre and hypnosis look forward to delivering this unique and highly practical training which promises to transform all your future presentations!

Specifically you will be learning how to :

  • Enhance your charisma
  • Engage your audience
  • Use language more affectively
  • Feel more at east presenting
  • Enhance your presenting state

What you will not get from this training :

  • Classroom style lecturing
  • Death by powerpoint

What you will gain from attending Excellent Presentations Skills :

  • Be more able to talk from your heart and your head
  • Lots of experience presenting
  • Feedback and real coaching
  • Confident stage presence

Just imagine what kinds of difference it will make in your life when you can present with excellence. By being in the right frame of mind and body presentation and connection with your audience become easy, of course this takes practice; the right kind of practice.

Excellent Presentations Skills over four days will immerse you in the right kind of practice to nurture a very specific skill set.

Feeling safe open and connected allows us to get the right balance of sincerity, seriousness and playfulness into our presentations. We are able to handle awkward questions and offer back honest integral answers.


Presentation Skills Training in Newcastle upon Tyne

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre

When : April 22-25

Price : £399

12 participants only

£100 deposit : BOOK NOW


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