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Hypnosis Language Structure Mastery Cards : £30

A unique and structured way to master hypnotic language skills. Simple to use and designed to teach to the unconscious and conscious mind.

Nigel Hetherington has come up with a perfectly entrancing solution-combinable cards that help generate unique hypnotic phrasing and language and helps you learn and master the patterns of hypnosis without being formulaic– Bill O’ Hanlon – Solution Orientated Hypnosis

This Product Produces Amazing Results:

  • By being a game that teaches hypnosis language structure primarily to your unconscious mind.
  • Because it is innovative, entirely original being a proven way to faster master hypnotic language.
  • As it creates a multi-sensory and patterned experience making you master the deeper structures of hypnotic language quicker.
  • Because it is a totally portable system and fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere with you!
  • By being simple, fun and exceptionally easy to use.

What You Will Easily Learn And Begin Mastering:

  • How to Deliver your Hypnotic Suggestions with an increasing Grace and Fluency.
  • How to Spontaneously talk and produce The Language of Trance.
  • How to Use Your Voice and Intonations to Create Trance.
  • How to Really … Pace … all of your Hypnotic Communications.
  • How to Continue to Talk Trance for as long a time period as you Desire.

What You Will Gain Through Using This Product:

  • A deeper confidence in Hypnotic Communications.
  • Mastery of the Structure of Hypnotic Communications.
  • The ability to ‘talk trance’ without scripts or notes.
  • To generate powerful, effective and spontaneous Trance Language.

Brilliant, and an entirely original idea. It’s not often that an entirely new idea comes along in the field of NLP training aids, but this is one.” – Andy Smith – Emotional Intelligence



Elman Style Hypnosis Induction And Change Process DVD : £25

This is the first formal and directive change process that is taught on Communicating Excellence Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma ( validated training from the GHR and SNLP ).  With unlimited licence to duplicate and share this DVD with your friends and colleges.

The full DVD demonstrates with three subjects using the Elman style induction. Includes video text commentary on the techniques of this powerful and robust change work intervention process.

Past Life Regression Experience – 4 DVD £45

The 4 DVD set of the Past Life Regression Experience ( PLRe ) workshop with Gordon Smith & Nigel Hetherington.

The PLRe workshop training DVD covers the full spectrum of how to safely facilitate a PLRe. The DVD are packed full of demonstrations of each of the core steps of PLRe. Watch again and again to fully absorb the patterns and techniques as they are presented and demonstrated.

PLRe 4 DVD Set

Disk One

  • Framing & Concepts : Thoughts and ideas and framing for the PLRe training.
  • Centering & DeFraming : Group trance for facilitators of PLRe
  • Elman Style Induction – Part One : Two demonstrations

Disk Two

  • Elman Style Induction – Part Two
  • Discussion Elman Style Induction
  • Present Life Regression : Demonstration
  • Past Life Regression : Demonstration

Disk Three

  • Welcome Back – Recapping
  • Past Life Regression Experience – Demonstration One
  • Past Life Regression Experience – Demonstration Two

Disk Four

  • Feedback So Far
  • Future Life Progression – Demonstration
  • Commencement

4 DVD set Past Life Regression Experience : £45


NLP Live Anchoring Demonstration DVD : £12

‘NLP LIVE – Anchoring Demonstration‘ : A one hour instructional DVD of the NLP Anchoring Process. Enjoy the Laughter, share the resource states and harness the power of laughter.

A one hour instructional DVD of the Anchoring Process.

Full DVD includes the 123 of Anchoring.

  1. Preframing and Set Up.
  2. Anchoring Demonstration.
  3. Testing and Questions.

Recorded Live at NLP Practitioner Training.

This DVD is around one hour in length and captures the essence and techniques of NLP Anchoring. This includes eliciting states, making use and utilising ‘natural’ states, physical and aural anchors, stories and theory and a complete demonstration of the entire NLP Anchoring Process.



HumourWorx 6 DVD Set : £99

The complete 2 day workshop of Phil Jeremiah’s Humour Worx ( aka Thought Provoking Dialogue ). A humour and provocative approach to change work. HumourWorx Therapy and change work is conducted in a safe yet uncompromising environment. Watch and learn Phil’s unique and polished approach to injecting humour and irrelevance into change work. It’s the Bubble Of Possibility …

Click here for a preview.

ReDiscovering Your Inner Peace Audio Disc : £10

ReDiscovering Your Inner Peace – Audio mp3 @ £10 :: Recorded at The Trance Cafe. An exploration and story of spiritual practice with four meditations. Over 90 minutes.



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