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Before I took my NLP Master Practitioner training I didn’t know I was looking for direction in my life. Not only did I find direction, I had the liberating feeling of knowing where I was going and even how.

In 2004 I was working in a job where the love and enthusiasm I once had had worn off to be replaced by a dislike but it paid well enough to still be sticking it out. That job was a means to provide me with all the kinds of things many people value as the necessary aspects or rewards of a good life. You know money, house, car, hobbies, holidays great social life – all that stuff. It was very much the work to live philosophy for me then.

My main interest then was NLP and having completed an NLP Practitioner I was really interested in taking this further. And like I have wrote, I was engaged in working to live yet the Master Practitioner training I was soon to begin would provide crucial experiences which would pose for me a very deep question. What does it really mean to live?

NLP Master Practitioner Newcastle

NLP Master Practitioner February 2014

So way back then, I was working 5 days a week and the very occasional weekend, stressed at work and looking forward to 4.30pm and heading home. Work seemed to take up way too much of my time and energy and I was living mostly for the weekend and evenings. Those times when I would be free from the millstone of a job I was dragging along behind me through the day and by evening, be doing what I loved to do. Of course, paid for by that old milestone!

My weekday lunchtimes however were great, not because I love food, I do, but my lunchtimes were spent engaging in my love of learning and practising NLP mostly in the Newcastle city centre library. It’s called being a anorak I know. I knew the only way to get really good with anything is ongoing practice.

My previous NLP Practitioner training had given me some of the most powerful and useful learning I had ever had in my entire adult life at that point. I had experienced deep personal changes in how I could run my own brain from the inside out, learned profound ways in which to use language and made some exceptional new friends along the way too. Three cheers for NLP. Hip Hip …

Practically everyone I was involved with my early NLP circles had evolved in perceivable ways and some for sure more than others. I was happier and certainly more connected to the most important people I cared for. And already due to lots and lots of practice was feeling empowered for the most part in my life. Deciding to continue my NLP adventure and life changing learning’s I chose to attend the NLP Master Practitioner training.

Adele MPrac14

Testimonial from Adele

The Master Practitioner is where I had a deep realisation that I really had no direction in my life. And for me a priceless realisation at just the right time!

In addition to the ‘Practising Mastery & Mastering Practice’ the deepening and expanding of the principles of NLP, understanding more about the structure of various processes, having a great time and feeling my skills, perceptions and abilities escalate; One additional aspect to my learning was modelling.

The modelling process on offer at the Master Practitioner was pretty much pure analytical modelling which to me now seems a partial representation of what modelling may be; non the less it was yet another additional way I learned to acquire certain types of skill sets more quickly. Modelling is how the original NLP processes are said to have been acquired.

Modelling hat and anorak on, I went off and over a period of some months ‘modelled’ for around 25-30 hours a really good friend who was one of the most gripping story tellers I knew. I asked all the analytical questions, the whys and what, the thought processes and what was going on inside his head but this was really not getting me a skill I could use, you see some ‘skills’ are more friendly to analytical modelling some aren’t. One person on the course ‘modelled’ how to put flat pack furniture together and in this instance the analytical approach worked very well.

My relentlessly patient questioning did put our friendship on the line more than once. What I ended up doing was mixing up the analytical stuff and simply copying what he did. This simply made intuitive sense to me to physically and verbally play out what my friend did. It still spooked him but less than the questioning.

It was here that I had a proper light bulb moment, where I really was learning the value of copying behaviour in this type of modelling endeavour. Later the next year I would discover this copying was the essential modelling taught by Grinder, one of the co-creators.

But even with all of this new skills and information at my finger tips I was also discovering things I really, really hadn’t anticipated I would get from the training and this made for magic extras in transforming my life!

Testimonial from Holly

Testimonial from Holly

An exceptional tutor on that training and someone still today I am in contact with is Ian Berry. Ian pointed me in two additional directions. One was to explore the work of Joseph Campbell and another was to explore the work of George Lakoff and Mark Johnson.

Lakoff and Johnson was the beginning of an ongoing journey into the metaphorical nature of language and an embodied self in our environment. Exploring the often hidden aspects of our words and seemingly throw away comments that we all use from time to time.

This was really enabling in giving me even more ways to gain insights and more fully understand the communications of others and of course my own. Feeling this kind of sharpening in one’s own perceptions is truly liberating because it is a waking up of consciousness and you gain a little more awareness.

Outside of the course, reading around and watching anything I could on NLP I was beginning to develop an interest in neurology. There are some very sound neurological ‘reasons’ why many NLP Processes work so well in the way they do. It certainly seems to me now here in 2014 that neurology has caught up with NLP in terms of explaining physiological and psychological interventions. My interest in neurology is a really important part in my 1:1 work. I had gotten lots of ways to frame NLP processes and deepen my understandings further.

Testimonial from John

Testimonial from John

Joseph Campbell’s work for me was perhaps, perhaps … the spark that ignited all the training and development I was currently involved in. Campbell was the worlds best know comparative mythologist in his life time. His books and videos of lectures he had given simply spoke in a language that touched my soul or if you prefer touched an innate human curiosity into our history as a people that we all share at some levels.

Mythology incorporates religion, spirituality and the many common themes from the various cultures, societies and civilisations from our planet that we all share. This lead me to a life long interest in mythology and how it has shaped our consciousness and culture, societies and its effects with our life now and into our futures.

This is what it is to be on your own path in your own life. Campbell called this ‘following your bliss’ as in walking your unique individual path in this life time.

This is for me knowing where I am going. When you walk your own path it is truly your own. No one on this earth has don’t it before and no one after you will ever be able to do this. Your path is as unique as your genetics, your fingerprints and the environment you grow in and experience now with your own nervous system.

And Campbell says there are two paths. The left hand path and the right hand path. The right hand path is the conventional path we are expected to take by society. Get a job, get a house, have a family, pay into a pension, retire and hopefully have saved enough for a good care home to expire peacefully with a nice epitaph like “J. Doe – Model Citizen Second Class – Lived a perfectly respectable & conventional life.”

The left hand path is much more about your adventure and discovering what it is you want to have your lifetime in doing. It may be unconventional, not necessarily respected by all but it will be adventure, blissful and unique.
So of course I always had great choice in continuing in my job but I never really realised it in that way before. Never realised how much I was resisting the pull to do something that for me would be a true path.

The NLP Master Practitioner had in many great ways been a catalyst for me in realising a meaningful direction for my life. What was left was for me to act!

Testimonial from Gary

Testimonial from Gary

From feeling very much OK, apart from a job, in life in general that feeling of OK had bloomed into a strong feeling of purpose and direction as to the ways I knew I could live my life. I walked from the Master Practitioner feeling sharper and more awake. Certainly having practised mastery and mastered practice in many skills yet more importantly for me, something deeper had woke up and that would soon bring a wealth of new experiences along with a new career onto my horizons.

Thank you for reading this far. I am hoping you are either considering taking an NLP Master Practitioner training here in Newcastle or maybe you have already decided you are.

NLP Master Practitioner training is one way you can gain additional freedom in your life. Over six months, 18 days, three days per month you will have an ongoing experience that has the serious potential to be massively  transformational for you. You will of course need to put time and energy into this training to get the most out for yourself, your friends and colleagues and clients.

VENUE and NLP Master Practitioner Course Details

Cost £745
Jesmond Dene Conference Centre
Jesmond Dene
Newcastle upon Tyne

September 19-21, October 17-19, November 21-23, December 12-14, January 16-18, February 13-15

The training deposit is a non-refundable payments of £150. The balance of training fees is due before the training begins.



Your training is going to be packed full of relevant experiential practice. The idea is very much ‘Practising Mastery & Mastering Practice’ and it will be fun!

Some of what you are going to have following on from this Master Practitioner training is :

  • Increased and deepened awareness of NLP Process tools.
  • Improved competence and confidence for change work.
  • A more accurate map of who you are.
  • Influential and congruent communication skills.
  • Increased personal power & freedom.

Some of what you will do on this NLP Master Practitioner Training :

  • Master practice of NLP and practice mastery of NLP.
  • Develop deeper and persuasive hypnotic language.
  • Explore and influence your own unconscious programs.
  • Practice unofficial New Code NLP interventions.
  • Demonstrate your modelling project.

You will also have a great deal of fun in learning. Working towards and realising you own purposeful outcomes.

Some aspects of what you will be being with this NLP  Master Practitioner Training :

  • A competent NLP Modeller.
  • More integrated and balanced.
  • Inspiring others as well as yourself.
  • Confident in flow states.
  • A Master Practitioner of NLP.

In addition you will complete a modelling project of your own choice using one or a combination of the types modelling processes you will learn on this training.



The NLP M.Prac is an authorised training by Communicating Excellence, The Professional Guild of NLP and The Society of NLP ( SNLP ). If you require an SNLP certificate these are £100 in addition to course fees.

I have been involved in training NLP Master Practitioners of NLP since 2005. Assistants on trainings will have at least completed the same level of training the previous year and are known for their skills and ability to facilitate.



You may want to look at my YouTube videos. There are around 130. This is so you can get a sense of how I run trainings. If you are expecting desks, lectures and notes this really is not for you. If you want practical, functional and experiential training delivered with passion and fun in your learning then you are in the right place.

If you are continuing considering booking your place but still have some questions great! Because you can get in touch with me and we can discuss what it is you want or need to know and then you can make an even more informed decision. Send me an email or give me a call.

You should know my time is usually booked well in advance so deciding you want to meet me three days before a training course ( as one person expected ) is extremely unlikely to happen. So make haste and express your interest as soon as you can.

Again, thank you for reading and warm wishes from me.