Tennis NLP and your inner game – part 1

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What A Belter!

Last night I was treated to one of the best tennis matches I have ever seen.
Andy Murray Vs Richard Gasquet, it went the full five sets and was non-stop action and emotion for players and spectators alike.

The first set was really neck and neck and it went to Gasquet. The second set Murray was outplayed; repeatedly attempting failing drop shots and audible self talk. 2-0 Gasquet.

The third set looked like going to Gasquet but he failed to serve out the match and this was the beginning of the Murray revival and the fall of Gasquet.

Both of these player have excellent skills, are emotionally involved in their game and train long and hard to be where they are in the rankings. So what happened to Gasquet? What happened to Murray?

In the second set Murray was beating himself up, hitting his head with the racket and engaged in lots of self talk; this evidently did nothing but put him off his game. Conversely Gasquet kept playing his game and winning.

When Murray grittily picked off the third set, his emotional involvement rocketed, his self talk changed to roars of self encouragement, raising him and raising the crowd. Gasquet on the other hand seemed to go inside himself. Making unforced error after unforced error, his game literally fell apart. Murray went on to epically win the next two sets to take the game.

How do players continue to motivate themselves in positive ways? And why will this match be remembered?

How can you motivate yourself positively and how can you keep you motivation focused and on track?

The follow on article – Part 2 will address these matters of practical application and highlight a link between NLP and Tennis Performance.

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  1. Its nice to see another new usage of NLP. I am amazed day by day by seeing the different arenas where the NLP techniques are being used.