Tennis NLP and your inner game – part 2

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Well Done Nadal! Indeed a truly an epic final.

Recently I have read W.Timothy Gallwey’s Inner Game of Tennis. It is an excellent book, published in 1974.

The ‘inventor’ of Calculus is often credited as Isaac Newton but there is of course the ongoing dispute that calculus was invented by Gottfried Leibniz.

Like many ‘inventions’ it is not entirely impossible that many people at around the same time had the same idea.

So what has all this got to do with NLP and Tennis? Good question.

In Gallwey’s Inner Game there are references made to ‘Self 1 and Self 2’. In NLPers as Conscious and Unconscious. And how to program it for success.

New Code’s ‘know nothing state’ seems to have an equivalent in ‘Playing out of your mind’

If you read the book, there are processes that is completely comparable to six step reframing, change personal history, time lines oh and NLP Modelling to name a few.

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