Time Line – NLP – Manifesting A Worthy Future

Time Lines in terms of NLP, Future Orientation in terms of Goal Setting and Achieving, Coaching Future Pacing … All of these activities have one absolutely fundamental thing in common! Future Planning / Future Pacing!

One of the most common mistakes Coaches ( even pretty good ones ), Therapists and Hypnotherapists to name but a few don’t include as part of dynamic and generative change processes is future pacing. This means to ‘pretend’, ‘imagine’ and ‘realise’ is to go into the future and look back – Having already got the ‘Goal’ … and … powerfully linked this to the real underlying motivations and desires.

One of my mentors Dr. Christina Hall ( See Salad Training ) has educated me very well in terms of what NLP Time Lines absolutely must include. Here is Part one of three of how to do Time Lines. This was filmed during last years Hypnotherapy Diploma Training. This is my take on Chris’ version of Time Lines and as far as I know it is by far the most effective.

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