Using the NLP Meta Model For Business – Part One

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During my first NLP Trainer Trainer,  John Grinder presented a cut down version of the Meta-Model specifically for Business Applications. He Called it the Verbal Package. The updated model Directioning and Intelligent Questioning is presented on my six month Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Master Practitioner training courses.

This is a cut down version ( keeping it simple ) of the model presented in Grinders book, Precision.

It goes like this.

  1. Establish Rapport.
  2. Present the Relevancy Challenge.
  3. Challenge the Nouns.
  4. Challenge the Verbs.
  5. BackTrack.

Now I want to add an additional yet extremely important missing piece. Notice the absolutely essential new first step.
The model now becomes what I call the D.I.Q model (Directioning and Intelligent Questioning )

  1. Set your Outcome for this meeting / interaction and align with your Purpose.
  2. Establish Rapport.
  3. Introduce the Relevancy Challenge.
  4. Explore the unspecified Nouns.
  5. Explore the unspecified the Verbs.
  6. BackTrack what has been communicated and what has been understood.

The next instalment of DIQ will unpack the elements of this model.

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