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Thought Provoking Dialogue – Phil Jeremiah – March and April 2011

March 12-13 : Thought Provoking Dialogue

April 9-10 : Advanced Thought Provoking Dialogue

These workshops are all about therapeutic uses of humour and a thought provoking approach to real change. An absolute must for therapists, coaches, trainers and all human resource personal! Phil Jeremiah was one of Frank Farrelly’s ( Provocative Therapy ) earliest and brightest students. Phil has been providing training in the UK and Europe for over 20 years to a wide range of professionals and organisations and has worked in the field of personal development for even longer. He was a qualified Senior Mental Health Social Worker, approved under the Mental Health Act 1983. Phil has extensive training and a wealth of  experience in the fields of adult psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling, hypnosis, brief therapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Life coaching and clinical risk assessment in mental health.

Weight Loss Attitude – Coming Again in 2011

This is a practical and hands on workshop where you will discover yourself how to change your attitude towards food, especially emotional eating as well as how to build the real and honest motivation that will help you stop Yo Yo dieting and emotional eating and keep you on course for the much better life experience you know you really do want.

Eye Movement Integration – October 2010

This is probably the most simple and effective way to remove reduce and dissolve client trauma. Eye Movement Integration ( EMI ) was developed by Steve and Connirae Andreas in the 1980’s and is a content free process to reduce and eliminate trauma, PTSD, intrusive memories and in some cases physiological conditions.  This Brief Therapy method, the EMI process, really must be part of every therapists and counsellors toolkit.  The majority of traumas can be resolved in 1-2 two hour sessions.

Increasing Self Esteem

Self Esteem or it’s lack of is one of the most pressing conditions people who feel less than satisfied or happy claim to suffer from.  The majority of people claiming they don’t have enough self esteem do not or can not even define what Self Esteem is! No wonder they claim to have an insufficiency!! This workshop defines Self Esteem and delivers proven methods to boost, increase and create Self Esteem where it is needed and desired. Ideal for therapists and anyone who wants to improve and increase their Self Esteem … even if you don’t fully know what this means yet!

Coping With Worry

An extremely popular and effective workshop that delivers the tools and techniques that you can use to stop yourself worrying and move towards the things that you want in your life. This is a practical hands on one day workshop designed to give you the skills to change your ways of thinking and doing – to move away from problematic thought patterns and start and continue to focus on what you really do want. So if you weren’t worrying what good things will you be doing instead?

STEP ™ – Simple Trauma Elimination Process

STEP – Simple Trauma Elimination Process is a one day workshop designed and delivered by Nigel Hetherington and Andy Hunt which is specifically for working therapists.  The workshop demonstrates how Emotional Freedom Techinques ( EFT ) and NLP Eye Movement Integration can be used in a content free way to rapidly deal with client trauma.

Introduction to Applied NLP

A two day workshop designed specifically to give participants the real insights into how to use NLP. This is not a leacture or discussion this is a real experiential training in rapport, outcomes and personal ecology so all participants get the change to practice powerful skills to ethically influence and change how you feel.

Thriving Practice Builder – Andrew T. Austin – March 2010

More Clients Thriving Practice.  A two day workshop for therapists who really want to increase the business as well as promote their practice. Facilitated by Andrew T. Austin.

Andrew T. Austin is probably the UK’s premier therapist. If you have had the experience of training with him you will know why. He is skilled, congruent and extremely successful. Having a thriving practice is about much more than being extremely skilled. Success, like Andy’s is not just about being a skilled therapist. Yes of course, this is a crucial part of the success equation, but only one part. Success is not about luck, thought the better the strategy you follow the luckier you may well get.

Andy has built his reputation and practice over the past fifteen years and this two day course is for all therapists, healers and people helpers to get to know what and how Andy has built his practice. This is the secrets and strategies that you can use to establish and build your own thriving practice. This workshop is excellent value. Depending on what you charge for the services you provide, you will have made you money back with between 2-6 clients or one days work.

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