10 Hints & Tips for surviving a temporary recession – HT nine

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This series of hints and tips for surviving and making something very positive and meaningful happen for yourself in this time of a so called recession is coming to an end. Now why is that?

Well if you haven’t already, it is time to start putting your plans into action and if you haven’t made plans yet … remember all those exercises in the previous hints and tips? …. Its time to do them before you take action.

Its time to do the things that will differentiate you from the millions of self help book readers to move from a reader to a doer.

Doing something to change how you feel, change your situation and connect deeply with whom and with what is really important to you will make massive difference in your life … and this step to change … is often much smaller that you may have previously imagined.

Crisis, Global Problems, Traumatic Events and Swine Flu all have an innate potential to bring people closer together, the kinds of people who in the face of adversity come together to help and be-friend one another. So now may have never been a better time to forge new friendships and relationships with like minded people who share your interests, desire, passion and need to make positive change happen in your life and those around you.

How about taking and making opportunities to deepen and connect further the positive friendships you already have? You can also be there to help your friends and colleges too.

Getting Stuff Done

Make an honest commitment to yourself to spending a set amount of time each day fully focused on attaining your outcome / goals.  Stop talking and start doing and keep your sense of humour.

A journey of a thousand miles began with a single step

Lao Tzu

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Give up any unrealistic expectations that you will achieve your most meaningful outcomes overnight and with little or no work.  If your goals are really meaningful and worthwhile you can, at the end of each day measure your smallest achievements and feel good about those. And if you can … and you can … a sense of gratitude for what you have.

You may begin to feel surprised by what you can achieve with a little commitment, over time – lets say one week or one month from now. A professional life coach may be of some real utility here, at least in the early stages.

When eating an elephant take one bite at a time

Creighton Abrams

Make some time to see your friends and share your thoughts and ideas, you know, having fun and sharing with good friends, talking things through makes a big difference in life, and that difference can be the difference that makes the difference.

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