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How I went from a job I hated, where I felt totally unappreciated and unfulfilled to discovering a purposeful way I do what I love to do and make a really good living helping people enrich their life.

In 1999 I got my dream job as a software programmer. I was self taught during a carer break where I discovered my previous dream degree related job was not all I imagined it to be. I was working offshore … Continue reading

Newcastle NLP Training 2023

The kind of attention you give, invest or simply do changes how you see the world and equally the attention you give can change the experience another human experiences and what you experience in return. Newcastle NLP Training 2023 begins … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy Training Newcastle | Can You Imagine This?

Hypnotherapy Course in Newcastle If you are considering a Hypnotherapy Training Course in Newcastle you are in the right place to get the information you require to make a great decision. You know choosing to learn hypnotherapy is all about … Continue reading

Newcastle NLP January Practitioner 2022 – Communicating Excellence

NLP Practitioner Training update for Newcastle January 2022 We are approaching in 2022 and have seemingly come through the worst of Covid. This global epidemic has certainly highlighted some of the worst and best qualities of us all and specifically … Continue reading

How to Beat Anxiety and Low Mood – Yawning for Joy

Practically everyone, perhaps you, suffer from both low moods and anxiety. This is a perfectly normal human thing to happen. Sometimes you need to be able and willing to do something to change your mood and change your state. This … Continue reading

Newcastle NLP Practitioner Training August 2015

Just under 14  years ago in 2001 years ago I attended an NLP Introduction training, over the next three years I was so attracted to the results of this personal exploration of how I could change my thoughts, behaviours and … Continue reading

This is Something All Hypnotherapists Need to Watch … Failure

Having been in the close company of several world class and well known facilitators of change some of whom are the people I consider the most able, they have on occasion failed miserably to create change. Some failures I have … Continue reading

Before I took my NLP Master Practitioner training I didn’t know I was looking for direction in my life. Not only did I find direction, I had the liberating feeling of knowing where I was going and even how.

In 2004 I was working in a job where the love and enthusiasm I once had had worn off to be replaced by a dislike but it paid well enough to still be sticking it out. That job was a … Continue reading

Hypnosis Training Course – Newcastle upon Tyne

Image by FreeWine Recently the NHS has announced that over 100 staff are likely to be made redundant in yet another exercise in job, staffing and service cuts. All of the redundancies are being said to be voluntary. A very … Continue reading

NLP Practitioner Course in Newcastle

Mastering Communication and Learning Skills with NLP Practitioner Course in Newcastle   NLP Training course in Newcastle upon Tyne. This is a 12 day NLP Practitioner Training over six months that will give you valuable real hands on experience to … Continue reading