A Hypnosis Training of Outstanding Distinction : The Neuron Code – from Michael Perez

A hypnosis training of outstanding distinction with my mentor and friend Michael Perez and this is in Newcastle this coming November!

The Neuron Code : New foundation in hypnosis : structure and practice. An exceptional and extraordinary event in hypnosis. November 15th-20th.

The Neuron Code : Practitioner I: New Foundations in Hypnosis — Structure and Practice

Michael has used insights from his own work and the work of some of the greatest hypnotists of our time along with the revolution in cognitive neuropsychology to deconstruct ‘hypnosis’.

By breaking down so many of the myths and so much of the antiquated thinking about hypnosis, Michael presents a new way of looking at things that is geared towards creating more powerful interventions more consistently and with more people than any other approach to hypnosis.

You’ll learn to understand the differences between different kinds of ‘inductions’ and you’ll learn about the different kinds of altered states, the spectrum we call ‘trance’, including which processes produce which states and which states are correlated with which special abilities.

You’ll also learn the fundamentals of extraordinary calibration to read people’s neurological state at a glance and you’ll learn the basic framework which will allow you to create powerful improvisational interventions with any client for any situation.

Translation: You’ll become a hypnotic force of nature, an amazing improvisational facilitator and you’ll understand just enough of the neuroscience-y bits to make you understand and do things in a way that will change both your life and the lives of people around you.

The training is 6 days, November 15th-20th, Newcastle upon Tyne. £749.

Seating is strictly limited. Special pricing and bonuses are available for a limited time if you book early. You can message me immediately for details.

There are some early-bird discounts for the limited places for this training … so if this is you … contact me immediately as special prices expire in just a few days.

Here is Michael on YouTube explaining what this coming training is all about

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