Clinical Hypnosis Training and the Barbecue Summer

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You know, if you’ve lived here in Britain for any amount of time, the warm summer days won’t last. Before we know it, August will be here. And if you’re like me, you’ll be thinking about getting out those coats and jumpers and preparing for the cooling autumn chill and the ensuing winter cold.

Speaking of this coming August, I wonder if you’ve considered how valuable it will be for you to invest some time and money getting ready for the challenges and opportunities in the months that follow?

All too often, I’ve found there is a tendency for people, myself included, to get caught up in enjoying the summer sunshine (if we’re lucky enough to get it!) and then forget that come September, it’s a different ball game! Because come September, the summer holidays are over, kids go back to school, and for many of us adults, we go back to work… in earnest!

And in the field of coaching, therapy and life change, it’s important to be TOP in your game!

That’s where we come in… We are here to help you be top in your game.

Whatever your game is… NLP, Life Coaching a more therapeutic approach to changing life’s… there’s something you need, that we all need in this field of change, in order to be top in our game. And that is… the ability to work with our client’s unconscious.

And how do we do that? Through hypnosis, of course.

Now you’ve probably had the opportunity, in the course of your personal and/or professional development, to be guided into altered states of consciousness. And it’s quite possible, in the course of your development, you have also done a bit of deep trance work. In fact, you may even have learned some techniques yourself as part of your other training.

Whatever the case, you’re surely aware that hypnosis is one of the most powerful ways to influence and affect positive personal change. And for those who are top in their game, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is the most frequently utilised tool set for affecting personal change.

So, with that in mind… We invite you to consider, for your self, and for your loved ones and your clients as well, how developing your skill as a Clinical Hypnotherapist can contribute to YOU being at the top of your game.

And with that in mind, we invite you to join us, in Newcastle upon Tyne, for your Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Training. Because we want you, and all others like you who are committed to positive personal change, for your self and for others, to have the tools you need to be top in your game.

And as you might expect, we’ve scheduled the next five month Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma course in August, just in time for you to work on your game, ready for the change in seasons. So while The Barbecue Summer is still upon us, we invite you to consider how valuable it is for you to set aside the time and money to invest in your self… for your self, and for the ones you serve.

And there are just 3 places left on the five month Clinical Hypnotherapy Training ( requires NLP Practitioner ) so make sure you reserve your place now so you can then relax until August, knowing… you’ll be doing what you need to be top in your game, and continue to enjoy The Barbecue Summer… while it lasts!

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