EFT for what you DO WANT

During a lot of my initial NLP training, the emphasis seemed to me was primarily problem focused. Not in the sense that that the ‘change’ process was focused on a problem, that wouldn’t even be NLP. No I mean to say that the context for change was always a problem context.

People often seek out a good clinician for some assistance with their solutions to perceived problems and equally clients requiring more positive or ‘more better’ circumstances in their life will seek out a good performance coach. Essentially the same processes are used for both outcomes.

During our IntegrityNLP NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle upon Tyne, you will hear the facilitators framing NLP Processes in terms of both solution focused outcomes for ‘problems’ and ‘performance improvements’, and you can apply the same meta-process when using EFT.

My good friend Andy Hunt introduced me to EFT some years ago. Andy provides excellent and cost effective EFT trainings in Newcastle.

Here is my own version of using EFT for feeling the way you want. Before you go try this yourself, I have used this process with a very small statistical sample. About half the number required to make a statistically cogent argument, the results are extremely encouraging. Anyway here is the process and its very simple.

1. Make a statement of what you do want, stated in the positive.

I want to feel X

X may be happy, resourceful, peaceful etc

2. Now, without using the process for the ‘Set Up’ ( psychological reversal )

Use your EFT tapping routine, saying your statement created in step 1. Do one to three rounds depending on your own experiences.

After you have tried this I am very interested in hearing about your experience.

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