Essential Spirituality and NLP – Part One

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The word and meme ‘spirituality‘ is incredibly loaded and often misinterpreted. This term spirituality can be mistaken for religion and or new age mysticism yet in this context I attempt to define it here as neither.

I want to introduce a concept that is a part of NLP just as much as this is a part of life in general; And by way of a story, a metaphor, here we go. The intention is a balanced life.

In the Kundalini ( coiled ‘serpent’ power ) Yoga, intrinsic as with many Eastern spiritual systems there are the inclusion of Chakras or Padmas, which essentially mean energy centres. Now it MUST be understood that like the western concept of ‘mind’ a chakra is a ‘subtle’  substance. The chakra like the mind will not be found by a surgeon or MRI scanner.

Interweaving through the seven chakras are two nerves which are also made of subtle substance. These are called Ida and Pingala. Ida may be thought to refer to the Lunar Consciousness and Pingala to the Solar Consciousness. Now you may well be asking or thinking what Is Lunar and Solar consciousness.  Well one interpretation of Lunar in this context is death and rebirth, the way of living in your body, physicalised. An corresponding interpretation of Solar is eternal and divine consciousness, inexhaustible and likened to the internal meditations.

So in essence, this can also be interpreted as the external and internal worlds experienced by all humanity, every woman,man and child.

The concept is to balance the internal and external worlds so that neither one dominates so in equal measures a person leads a harmonious and balanced life. Think about this as doing some thinking as well as taking some exercise. Pretty simple right!

Well, it can be … … …

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