Eye Movement Integration and STEP training for Coaches and Therapists

Therapists and change consultants are very often required to help your clients work through traumatic emotional memories and imprints.  As a coach one of the frequent tasks you will face is assisting your clients to remove limiting beliefs and disabling past traumatic imprints.

STEP ( Simple Trauma Elimination Process ) is a training course that combines the very powerful  NLP Eye Movement Integration and EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. EMI and EFT likely the two most powerful and profound techniques that when used with competence can eliminate most traumatic imprints in just one session.

Being able to help your clients  overcome blocks and trauma in one session may seem hard to believe but this proven process gets results that many therpists we have trained really can not believe.

You are invited to watch part one of this YouTube video of Eye Movement Integration  demonstration to see for yourself how this neurologically based trauma elimination method, created by Steve Andreas works in a real situation.  Notice also that all due ecology checks are made with this client during an NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle.

Sound Quality not brilliant – so watch the process!


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