Free Hypnosis Audio For Pain Control

Migraine #2Image by Truly, Madly, Arty Lee via FlickrA great many people suffer from pain. Now, pain is the bodys signal that something may be unbalanced within the mind/body system. Anyone experiencing any kind of ongoing pain is advised to consult their doctor.

Some people using long term medication to suppress symptoms want to find more healthy and naturalistic ways to relieve the symptoms and so reduce or stop using prescription drugs.

Hypnosis can be used to control and relieve pain.

I work with individuals who suffer from recurrent pain. This ranges from headaches and back injuries to Chronic Pain sufferers. One way to work with pain is to create and change a metaphorical representation of the pain.

This completely free hypnosis audio recording for pain control uses a hypnotic version of Kevin Creedons excellent cloud process.  It is in mp3 format and lasts around 25 minutes.

Before you listen make sure it is safe to do so. Before you listen rate your current level pain from zero to ten. After listening rate it again.

If you find this of particular benefit please leave a comment.

Download free hypnosis audio for pain control.

Nigel Hetherington
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