Generative Change – A Real Goal for Therapists?

The words ‘Generative Change’ are often written and spoken by a great many therapists. These words have become popularised but what do they actually mean and even more importantly how does any therapist go about engendering this ‘Generative Change’ with and for their clients?

Let me first expose what this is NOT.

I have trained with and trained several hypnotherapists that have gained a previous qualification that in essence is little more than the ability to read a script to a client in the hope that what they read will in some way provide the spark that allows a client to change.

Remarkably and somewhat unbelievably this extremely poor application can work in a large percentage of cases to assist the client to make some change in their life. The interesting thing is that I get a proportion of my clients who have seen another hypnotherapist, make some progress in one area of their life whilst another area have fallen from good to bad.

This may be called symptom substitution by some, though it really is a lack of professional practice in the form of follow up ( why choose another therapist? ) and a lack of process application by the so called practitioner.

A description of generative change is it is a way of contextualising change in some way that your client has unpacked nascent skills in themselves that create positive change in a variety of aspects of their life over and above their clinical goal and in ways that your client discovers for themselves. That is, they own it with and from a process of self discovery for themselves. Generatively, this flows into other areas and contexts of life.

How do you know this happens?

Simple. Professional practice called follow up.

This allows you both the opportunity to measure your failures and successes and create the context for further large scale, contextual change as appropriate.

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