Humour In Therapy & Changework – Nigel Hetherington

NLP Training in Newcastle has a particularly complementary  asset. It is called Humour In Therapy and Coaching.

As a change worker or NLP Practitioner working here in the North East or elsewhere you will certainly have had clients where you scratched your head and wondered what you could do differently so you could be of more assistance quicker. As a change professional, Newcastle NLP practitioner Newcastle hypnotherapy counsellor or coach you will have what is often called a toolbox.

Your toolbox will likely be a set of techniques or processes you have acquired from a wide variety of professional fields like Newcastle nlp, counselling, solution orientated change work or hypnotherapy In Newcastle this April there is the opportunity to add another tool to update and expand your box.

Humour In Therapy and Coaching could be considered just another very neat addition to your professional change work took kit. You may just find that Humour In Therapy and Coaching becomes one of your crown jewels in your change work array of structured processes you can use to help unstick stuck clients.

Phil will facilitate a co-created experience and over two days give you a firm and well established foundation of the the structure of his work with two days of experiential training.

Phill Jeremiah’s works using humour in change work and therapy is  client centred  often irrelevant and a seriously humorous way of working. This approach helps even the most stuck clients make positive and beneficial change. A ‘Bubble’ session has the gentle power to help shift clients from problem states to resource states and create lasting and powerful change. In the ‘Bubble of Possibility’ anything and everything is possible … from 20 years plus experience in using his humour based approach he is a jewel among change professionals.

Phil has been providing training in the UK and Europe for over 20 years to a wide range of professionals and organisations and has worked in the field of personal development for even longer. He was a qualified Senior Mental Health Social Worker, approved under the Mental Health Act 1983. Phil has extensive training and a wealth of  experience in the fields of adult psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling, hypnosis, brief therapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Life coaching and clinical risk assessment in mental health. Newcastle NLP Training Newcastle hypnotherapy training compatible.

April 21-22 : Newcastle upon Tyne : £199

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