Hypnotherapy to Relieve Stress and Worry

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Film icon Mel Gibson has very recently had a 10 day hypnotherapy session to help him cope with all of the worry and stress in his life.

Pressure in our life is very real and also necessary. Pressure makes people perform, strive to be better and very often is actually a motivating force. When there is more pressure than a person perceives they can cope with, this is the beginnings of stress.

If you imagine a buffer, a container, then the container’s capacity can be thought of as the amount of pressure an individual can cope with. When circumstances and situations fill the pressure container past its limit, everything over and above the pressure limit is called stress.

The vast majority of people regularly exceed their pressure limit and experience stress for a short period of time and then get back to a healthy life balance living within their coping limits of pressure. Sometimes the excess pressure or stress is way too much and can go on for a long time. This is what really is know as serious stress. When life’s challenges and problems are much to much for you to cope with so you experience high levels of stress for most of the time.

Long term stress exposure is particularly bad for both physical and emotional health. It affects performance, can damage relationships and can lead to depression.

One really effective solution to relieve stress is hypnosis and hypnotherapy. This psychological method will initially reduce and alleviate the stress emotions and good therapy afterwards will help you formulate new strategies and actions that are made to stop you getting deep into the stress state in the first place, that is they will deal with the causes from a psychological perspective.

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