Anxiety for Therapists : July 9-10 : £95

Weight Loss : Myth and Magic. No Myth, No Magic

Changing your thoughts, relationship and how you identify with ‘weight-loss’. A two day workshop from Julie Brown and Nigel Hetherington, this coming June Saturday and Sunday 4-5th.

Most people in the life have had back troubles, usually bodies correct themselves but sometimes they don’t. When something clicks out of place what often follows is pain, discomfort and discontentment. If left untreated there is the potential to be in the permanent state of pain.

Constantly wanting to diet, constantly wanting to lose weight?

In my own experience having had times when my back has clicked out of place I have seen a professional body worker, a chiropractor or a physiotherapist which has helped to make something click back into place. In other words things click and as a result life can improve dramatically.

 Not WeightLoss Workshop

Constantly thinking about back pain is very similar to constantly thinking about weight loss and dieting. Because what we think of most can become focused in our awareness. When I left work in 2005 at the time I was looking and watching and reading the news a great deal. What I didn’t fully appreciate at that time, and it’s true for now was well, is that ‘the news’ almost always focuses on bad news, bad events, fear and unease. This is still true now and many people make themselves anxious and worried by the addiction or compunction to view the news that is piped 24 seven.

Changing how thoughts are framed can change our focus!

Ideas of unease, discontent and the ‘perfect image, perfect body’ are also peddled within a great deal of our modern society. So it’s no wonder then, is it, that so many people are obsessed with a certain weight or a certain look that so many businesses and products promise to deliver but rarely do. Add to this is huge corporate interest in selling us, the time scarce and body conscious consumer all the delights of time-saving prepacked process foods and yet another celebrity endorsed diet. This is not a match made in heaven it’s made somewhere else.

Changing focus can make the world seem different, because it does!

It’s almost paradoxical isn’t it? That corporations and businesses both sell us processed foods full of sugar (highly addictive?) And sell us, bombard us with ideal body shapes and ideal weights but for many people who are stuck with a ‘weight loss, dieting mindset’ or as I think about it a formula for discontent unhappiness and the desire to continually pay for this privilege.

Why Change Can Be Paradoxical

Sometimes change, making a lasting change can be paradoxical. Would it make sense to you if I suggested that the less focused, the less attention you put into the idea of ‘weight loss’ the easier it could be for you to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Making lasting change can also mean changing the way you think about food, the reasons you eat what you eat and importantly what you think about yourself. Have you ever given serious thought to why it is that you want to lose weight and what you are honestly prepared to do to achieve your goals and be happier in life.

This workshop is about helping you to change your beliefs and values around food and to also give serious question to exploring that your weight is not who you are and does not define you.

Topics for exploration

• Becoming very clear about your goals, intentions and what they lead to.
• Developing perspectives around processed food and weight loss businesses.
• Understanding your weight does not define you.
• Knowing how stress affects us.
• How we can form habits, step-by-step, little by little.

• Stopping those ‘treat foods ‘ by changing radically how we feel about them.
• Hypnotic, solution orientated future planning.
• Learning self hypnosis to help to change habits and perspectives.
• Visioning future progress in habit change and goal attainment.

Who this workshop is not for:

If you just want to turn up, do nothing and expect the miraculous cure, you may as well buy the next big diet book, take up another fad diet and most likely perpetuate a pattern.

Who this workshop is for:

This is for you if you are interested in changing how you think and feel about yourself in relationship to shaping and nurturing some new ideas, some new behaviours and working towards attaining more freedom and happiness for yourself. This will involve effortful participation.

There are only 12 places available and booking is open now. The weekend is £100 per person.