Weight Loss

Don’t you want to lose weight

Be Slimmer and Look Great?

The combination of Hypnotherapy, Performance Coaching and NLP can help you to help yourself to start now to change your old habits, attitudes, underlying values and beliefs so you can start to move towards getting and maintaining your body more of the way you want it to be.

Is This You

  • You are not happy with the way you look
  • Your size and shape troubles you
  • You have tried many ‘solutions’ and you still say you are fat
  • You cant make the time to endure committing to change
  • You want to look good naked
  • You want to feel better in yourself
  • You want to change your life for the better
  • You know you can do it, just haven’t found out how yet…

You need to be realistic and stop wasting time and money on things that haven’t worked for you. Hoping that a one off session will fix your problem is simply not the right sort of commitment and you know the cost of one off’s adds up. It is possible that a single session will be enough for you to change old habits however you need to be really focused and have sufficient motivation to commit to a minimum of three sessions. If it will take less sessions all the better.

go into your future ,imagine now in the future, that now you are having the shape and size you want to be – so far so good right – OK

  • For what purpose did you achieve this? and still in your future,
  • How are you spending your time and doing things differently now you got what you want?

Think about it – why are these two questions really important? Because its your answers that will propel and provide you the real deep motivations and higher purpose for your loosing weight and changing your life.


  • Natural, organic and drug free process
  • Whole mind body and spirit experience
  • Increase health while decreasing stress
  • Feel really good about your achievements
  • Ecological to you
  • one-to-one treatment individually tailored to you
  • Become happier, slimmer and healthier
  • Completely risk free
  • Change how you feel about yourself
  • Experience a new confidence
  • Life audit for success

You know you will get results by doing, there really is no other way. This program, individual to you, combines the best elements from Performance Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming to create lasting and generative change in your life at the deepest levels.

This is tailored specifically to your unique requirements and with one-to-one sessions you will get all the coaching assistance and guidance you require to start and stay motivated to become the person you want to be. You will change how you eat, you wont have to exercise every day because it works in a different way. By really changing the way you perceive, feel and think about yourself you can change for the better and begin to move towards really loving yourself slimmer.

How it works

  • Works with you conscious mind
  • Utilises the power of your unconscious mind
  • Combines NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy
  • Change behaviours
  • Align values and beliefs with your outcome
  • Protects your personal ecology
  • You take response-ability for your success
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back
  • Full support over the program duration
  • Structured and goal focused
  • Action plan for success

if you are committed to making real changes in your life, are ready to make a commitment to yourself then your ready to start Loving Yourself Slimmer TM

Take action now and contact me now and because results are guaranteed the only thing you have to lose is the attitude that prevented you from attaining what you really want …

stop wasting time – book now and change your life for the better

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