Integral Eye Movement Therapy Workshop

Two people I really respect and enjoy their books are Steve Andreas and Bill OHanlon

They both write very encouragingly about ‘The Rainbow Machine’ by Andrew T Austin.  I anticipate an excellent training.

    “Most books about therapy could just as
well be prescribed as sleeping pills. And they often sit unread by the
side of therapists’ beds, after they have plowed through the first
jargon-laden chapter or two. Not this book!
    Andy Austin’s Rainbow Machine will have you laughing, gasping in
horror and awe, and wishing like hell that you lived close enough to
him to get an appointment. He is the British Milton Erickson.”  – Bill O’Hanlon

“This is the most interesting book about therapy I’ve read since Jay Haley’s Uncommon Therapy.”  – Steve Andreas

Andrew Austin is running a two day workshop in Integral Eye Movement Therapy.  The course costs £195 and is in Durham on 19-20 November.

If you would like more information please call Lesley on 0191 415 3089

If you are going Andy Hunt and I will see you there.


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