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While in another life I wrote software for the analysis on images, medical and oil exploitation related I was also completely enthusiastic in the world of NLP. My lunch time consisted of an hour, every five days, to go somewhere, usually Newcastle library and study language patterns.

I was already in the process of mastering language patterns. I had no end goal, no purpose other than the joy of learning and utilisation. I was lucky enough to have been both introduced and directed to study, for fun, NLP’s meta model and Lakoffs & Johnsons Metaphors We Live by at around the same time 2003/4.

Master Practitioner NLP - Language Patterns - Newcastle upon Tyne

I did not make the connections at that time between things I already knew tacitly in terms of martial arts and computer programming. The balance of practice of set pieces and spontaneity to create in the moment. I can not stress enough from my perspective that it is a necessary condition to both practice ‘form’ and to go into flow states to create; and move to mastery.

One of the patterns Rossi & Erickson have mentioned is what is called Implied Directive. Now the name will not necessarily be familiar, yet,  when you realise the pattern and probably have some form of physical response to you’re understanding the pattern.

The Implied Directive is a part of a bigger pattern called Ideo-Dynamic ( which has four parts according to Erickson & Rossi ) something like this, as a formula or structured approach.

Time Directive -> Implication/Presuppostion -> Physical Response ( what does this mean? )

WHEN -> You REALISE SOMETHING of personal IMPORTANCE-> YOU WILL SMILE to yourself. This is something like …

AS SOON as YOU REALISE YOU CAN learn something of importance YOUR EYES WILL BLINK 3 times.

What this is attempting to do is create an honest ( and this is very important ) physical confirmation of a psychological change/realisation.

In trance, the motoric or physical response is ideally one that is honestly unconscious. It is easy to presuppose some movement that we know will happen for sure in the future, such as eye blinking or even touching the head.

To make these formulaic and very good patterns meaningful there are elements to add which can be confirmed in the trance state by way of honest unconscious movements. And … we can mix the elements of the implied directive around to affect the same kind of psycho-somatic presuppositions.

Psycho-Somatic meanings are the emotional and valuable textures of our life.

Smiling unexpectedly ( A PHYSICAL RESPONSE and depotentiating a conscious response AND by implication ) BEFORE you know you are ( TIME BINDING ) can MEAN there is more about you than you consciously know ( IMPLICATION ) is one way to re-structure an implied directive. This is :


I am sure you can restructure this is any permutation of three different elements to affect similar results.

There is and there are huge benefits in practising and re-implementing all language patterns as much as actually knowing what the language patterns themselves are intended to accomplish and what they can do too!

Language patterns are one aspect of mastering NLP or practising mastery of nlp.

When you realise language patterns are aspects of much greater whole of communicating the ideas of positive change you might find yourself practising them more, even without any outcome in mind … and congruently utilising such patterns when you work with clients, friends or writing blog posts, you might type something that other can use and feel good doing this … maybe …

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