Newcastle NLP and Calibration

Calibration is all about noticing and detecting things you see, hear, smell, taste and feel. It is about detecting patterning but more specifically it is about detecting the relationships between the things you see, smell, taste, feel and hear.

One of the first calibration exercises we do on our NLP introduction course is this.

This involves two ( or more ) people. One person (A) is going to associate into two very different states. The other people ( B ) are only going to listen to A’s counting, they will not be looking at them. So the purpose is to tune your ears up and in.

State one
Think of someone you really like and do really respect.
Count from 1-10, then break state.

State two
Think of someone your not so keen on don’t really respect.
Count from 1-10, then break state.

Now select either state one or state two, associate into it and,
Count from 1-10, then break state.

Person B, having listened to A’s counting in the last state can now note which state it was.

Finally invite, person A, to associate into the first state, so they are in a good way after the exercise.

One way to tune up a specific sense is to practice for just a short time every day and to do this repeatedly for a week. Here is a fantastic web site I have found where Nick Penny, for free and for you, shares the sounds he has recorded. An extremely delightful and original web site.

happy and productive listening.

nigel hetherington

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