NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Day : Newcastle : April 14th

As spring comes the Snowdrops wane and Daffodils and Crocus’ are pushing their way up, waxing out into the changing seasons, so too comes the beginning of a monthly NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Day. Excellent value at just £20!

A wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow explorers one Saturday each month to practice NLP, Hypnotherapy and a whole host of behavioural and psychological mischief in a loosely structured, supportive and fun way.

NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Day April 2018

The rhizome or roots of a plant are the life source that again and again provides the nucleus of the flower, the deep structure that provides a blue print for life. Coming to a NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Day is like nurturing your NLP and Hypnotherapy rhizome because we all know practice leads to less error!

This NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice day will be organised around practising key NLP structures like Rapport, Calibration and Flexibility with some prearranged topics as well as you deciding what you would like to practice on the day. Fast Phobia Cure, Submodalities or Meta Model – you choose!

NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Day Topics

Three predefined topics for this NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice day are: One questioning our beliefs as maps of the world to open new possibilities. Two being present without internal chatter to actually learn something and Three some Provocative Humour Worx patterns.

One : In relation to deep roots or the nurturant rhizome, something I find useful for myself and for clients is questioning beliefs and reasons. A delightful, fun and curious way to do this is with ‘The Why?’ exercise. This is something recently developed with my friend Ruth Olayinka for an improvisation course we are planning.

In deeply questioning our words ( as maps of our beliefs ), essentially challenging our justifications and rationales, our reasoning and logic, we can metaphorically return to our deep roots to temp a new flower of being into existence. And note worthy is ‘Why’ can act as either cause or effect, back or forward in time.

Two : I find it very useful when talking with other people to be fully present. This for me has a key ingredient which is having no internal chatter. Usually with no agenda other than to serve. Serving can include but is not limited to listening, reflecting and questioning.

You could call this an NLP model of behavior in time in four quadrants. Attending to your attention as in mindfulness comes close to this idea and there is much more and much less so less is more!

Three : We will be utilising some of Phil Jeremiah’s Humour Worx Provocative patterns to explore problems, stuck states and just for fun in learning.

Most professional societies require that regular practice, training and support form part of the CPD you choose to do. These practice days can make up part of your CPD.

NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Day Newcastle

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre

Date : Saturday April 14

Only £20

18 Places maximum

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