NLP Eye Movement Integration – To Generate and Create Positive States

One of the first questions any competent therapist or change consultant will ask you is “What do you want?”

Once you know, and are clear about what you want, be it a new car, happiness, feeling comfortable in your own skin, promotion at work or even more money to do even more of what you want … the next question will very likely be …

“So when you have this, how will you know you have got it?” This is one ( of several ways ) way of checking your evidence for achieving your dreams and goals.  The incredibly interesting and most often missing ‘juice’ to this is the sustained motivation or feeling that makes and drives you to go and get it!

The bottom line in achieving your dreams, goals and wishes is having the fuel or juice supply that drives you to get it.  This is about creating the feeling or ‘state’ that makes achieving not just all the more possible but in essence drives the process.

Eye Movement Integration is classically used to reduce and eliminate unwanted emotional responses, but and it is a but, the same structure has the exact potential to generate resource states and motivations to drive you to go and get it!

Look up and watch ‘just another NLP way to generate seriously powerful motivations’. This YouTube clip is taken from an NLP Newcastle Practitioner training by Nigel Hetherington.  NLP EMI can be used ( like EFT ) to create and install the motivation or juice to power you to getting more of what you want.


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