NLP Model of the World – Content Imposition

Salve ( no this is not a viagra advert ), its the traditional Roman greeting.

See, we all have our views and perspectives. We all have our ways and opinions of what is right and wrong, acceptable and what we believe in or at least believe should be.

NLP, that archaic and unsubstantiated word is one methodology of, amongst others, of getting someone elses perspective on things. If you don’t, it is a way of proving yourself right no matter what the cost. Preaching from a chair perhaps.

The real world is very different, the real world is where we come from…

Here is a short video, unearthing what can happen when our world view is so fixed that we ( I smile when I write we )  construct and interpolate what someone else is attempting to convey.

This is an exert from one of our IntegrityNLP practitioner training in 2008.


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