NLP State Elicitation – Part Four

One of the commonalities between yoga and NLP is the way people can change how they feel or change their state.

There are essentially two ways in yoga to change how you feel.  One way is physically doing exercises, especially related to breathing and breath control. The other is mentally doing exercises commonly know as meditation or as spiritual exercises.

The particularly interesting parallel being like so many highly successful ways to personal development they follow a middle path, developing and practising both methods.

After the original creators of NLP parted company from some shared foundations, Grinder seems to have favoured a physical accent on his work which he named New Code NLP.  Bandler further developed the internal arts in the way of his sub modalities and later Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning.

By completing an NLP Practitioner training, participants will experience and learn a variety of ways in which you can change your state, or to put it another way learn how to change the way you feel.

This YouTube video is from an NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Nigel Hetherington demonstrates how both internal ( sub modality ) and external ( physicalised ) methods are explored in the same exercise to generate personally resourceful states.


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