NLP Training Northeast

NLP Practitioner training course in the Northeast of England in Newcastle upon Tyne. It’s £595 and over 9 days, in modules in April.

NLP Practitioner training of nine days duration in Newcastle this coming April in 2013. This training is a complete NLP Practitioner training covering all of the elements of affective modern NLP techniques to enhance your communication skills, learn precise structural patterns that offer real ways to run your own brain so you feel the way you want to feel more of the time and help you master more affectively the ‘negative’ emotions that imprison and cripple our opportunities and options.

NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle

Exceptional value NLP training at £595 for a complete NLP practitioner learning experience; That will NEVER include Groupon deals, special discounts or other, desperate, attempts to entice you to devalue your own personal development. It has been this way since 2005 because these trainings and associated real world benefits really do sell themselves. Do search around and discover this for yourself!

If you are interested in the lineage of Nigel Hetherington in terms of NLP tutors ( sometimes one or two people are ) they are the two co-creators of the field and with extensive training and assisting John Grinder and Carmen St.Claire. Nigel has trained extensively with Christina Hall ( one of first real prodegee’s of Bandler ) and a host of other developers and pioneers in NLP.

If like Nigel you think this should NOT impress,you are dead right! Many people have done similar trainings. What you are invited to do is get a felt sense of how Nigel facilitates NLP and consciousness evolution during trainings. Each NLP trainer has their own personal way of stimulating learnings in an environment of fun, participation and discovery.

You can see and hear Nigel in action in over 115 YouTube videos demonstrating NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy. You can watch Nigel’s Communicatingexce YouTube channel CLICK here.

You might also want to talk to any potential NLP Training provider before signing up for an NLP training course. Call Nigel on 0770 481 8467 to discover more.

NLP Practitioner Training April 2013 @ 595 [ currently 9 places available ]

Nine days of experiential training where you learn through personal experience how to positively alter you consciousness and manifest ( through doing ) more of what you want to experience and achieve. You can also anticipate meeting a host of people who are wanting to become and evolve in many of the ways you want to too in a stimulating and fun learning environment.

Dates : April 3-5 : Wednesday-Friday, April 9-12 : Tuesday-Wednesday, April 27-28 : Saturday-Sunday

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Book NOW with a non-refundable £150 deposit.


Very easy travel for NLP Practitioner Teesside, Sunderland, Durham, Scotland, Carlisle and the NorthEast of England. This training is also the entry requirement for Clinical Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle, beginning in August 2013. Much more NLP Practitioner Training details can be read by clicking here.


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