NLP Newcastle : Your Demons & Angels : Part One

Do you ever get annoyed ( technically speaking – pissed off ) or overly enthused ( technically speaking – worshipping ) with some people? NLP Newcastle can offer you some challenging and leading to personal open eye expediences. Newcastle NLP offers you this exploration into your own psyche, plus how you can set about changing what you had thought was fixed.

Wish you were more like them or can’t tolerate their views or actions?

Newcastle NLP Training

Newcastle NLP Training

I bet you do and isn’t that great!  So what can you do about this?

Freud, one of the true pioneers of psychotherapy had a student called Carl Jung. In fact Jung was Freud’s protege and at one point Freud Really got pissed off ( a technical term ) with Jung and so Jung went From number one son to pariah in Freud’s world.   In historical terms the student will eclipse the teacher … Both Jung and Freud occupied their time in working with the Human psyche.

They both worked with what has come to be known as the Shadow. Their definitions of Shadow are quite different and I will be utilising Jung’s definition of the shadow here.   The shadow by it’s very definitions is difficult to locate. These are the ‘parts’ of our personality that have gotten stuck in time, like a lobster in a hole, and have developed their own ways of coping with our life experiences.

Like problematic behaviours, realised or unknown, they can be described as ‘outdated’ neurological pathways that, under certain circumstances will again and again lead to a type of personal suffering that is manifest in the world. They affect us, they affect you.   There are essentially three steps to recognising and balancing our Shadow aspects.

Ken Wilber has suggested that we can identify Our Shadow aspects by noticing ( an act of consciousness ) when another person or culture ( this leads to values ) really makes us Angry or makes us desire to be like them.    Incidentally, these are both aspects of what Buddhism would refer To as suffering. Is it curious that a two and a half thousand year old spiritual practice has identified these elements of what the modern west  has come to call ‘coaching’, ‘therapy’ and ‘self help’? Often without purpose!

These aspect’s that I am going to shortly invite you to write down are and can be described as Either Or Thinking. And I am going to invite you, through exercises, to integrate these seemingly opposite  ( To You ) polarities of values and behaviours. A term to describe this Is Paradox.

And ‘By the bowels of Christ’ I will offer you a process to do just this. The rest is up to you … It’s called ‘Self-Application’   OK, before I offer the tasks leading up to this, you may well be asking what is the purpose? Good question!

One purpose is to lead you to a more harmonised life, one with less suffering ( pain ) and one with more understanding and compassion towards others, ultimately your SELF, And this is NOT little ego. This is a step towards big SELF or Atman.

Right, hoping this is not too much intellectualising and your ready to make a change … OK, here it is.   Select three people who have pushed your buttons or equally three people who you idolise. Write their names down and then write the Behaviours, Points of View or Attitudes you have either demonised  or hero worshipped just a bit too much and you now recognise it.   That’s it for now!

Next instalment is how to work with these facets of you in a way that can more harmonise you and your world. With NLP Newcastle you can explore and re-learn honest ways to improve your life and this means re-learning many ways to re-organise thinking and memories so you can see and feel a freer more open way to live utilising Newcaste NLP & Newcastle NLP Practitioner Training.

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