North East NLP Master Practitioner : Newcastle Durham Darlington Sunderland

Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner is 18 days over six months. This is an ideal training in the North East for NLP Practitioners who want to further develop skills and applications of NLP. In addition to new and additional aspects from your NLP Practitioner, the Master Practitioner requires of you a modelling project where you will model new skill you select and demonstrate this towards the end of the course.

North East NLP Master Practitioner

Some of the modelling projects from students over the years include

  • Building flat pack furniture
  • Talking as a radio presenter
  • Kitchen suite sales technique
  • Summoning a spirit
  • Professional sport car washing
  • Stained glass painting

This NLP Master Practitioner training takes place in Newcastle upon Tyne and is easy travelling from Sunderland, Darlington or Durham NLP Practitioner who have decided to attend a full 18 days NLP Master Practitioner training. BUT why would you want to go from NLP Practitioner to NLP Master Practitioner?

  • Remember when you began NLP Practitioner Training. Something in you ignited an interest to learn …
  • As you practised NLP, your thinking and behaviours expanded and added options.
  • With transformative development, you would hear and see positive difference in yourself and others.
  • Attitude, practice and integration will lead you you becoming more accomplished and happier …

Now you can use your own experience as a foundation and project this into your NLP Master Practitioner training. When you are ready for your personal journey to move on in new ways, one excellent and experiential part of your life journey can be this training. For full details of Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner North East, click here.

You will through practice re-visit the skills and attitudes you connected with during your initial training as by way of refining and revisiting. You will by nature of this training

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