North East NLP Practice Group – Questioning Skills

Questioning Skills is one of the most useful competencies and skill sets for therapists, coaches, really anyone who is working with others to achieve outcomes and get stuff done.

But it is much more that this. It is about making things happen, quantifying the unknowns and building honest and real motivation that generates ACTION. 18 November 2008.

Nigel Hetherington will be demonstrating how NLP’s Meta Model can be used extremely effectively to gather, create and flesh out action plans to really make things happen. From personal outcomes and goals to large scale business planning the non-therapeutic application of the process is the same.

Come and join this inclusive and structured North East NLP practice group on Tuesday 18th to explore the use of NLP’s meta model to form action plans that actually work.

So if you have some personal outcomes and goals you want to explore and actualise or if you have a business project that you want to turn into a realistic and workable plan come along and learn the process for yourself.

If you are quite serious about developing your skills and coming away with process you can use in the real world then get yourself along and join our friendly, inclusive and growing community.

7-9 pm with all refreshments provided for just £10.00

St. Oswald’s Teaching Centre
Regent Avenue, Gosforth,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1EE

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