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Its not all hypnosis but just how aware are you that your always learning?

Many people in Newcastle and London have played a game I designed which I imaginatively call ‘Stroop’. The John Ridley Stroop effect can be classed as an ‘interference’ phenomena.

The Stroop ‘test’ is where participants are required to read aloud the written meaning of words ( usually colours like GREEN or BLUE ) printed in coloured letters. The colour of the word may or may not be the same as the semantic meaning.

Games like brain gym, new code nlp or juggling activate contra-lateral neural circuitry. In plainer words both sides of the brain/body work together. Something special happens to our physiology as a result of playing such games.

You are probably best off playing this game with a coach. So in the traditions of NLP work on a problem you haven’t figured out just yet or even a situation where you want even better performance. Go to the Free Resources and Download Stroop and have a go…

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